Volume 10(23) 2007:
From Insight to Proof - Festschrift in Honour of Andrzej Trybulec

ISBN 978-83-7431-128-1

Farmer William M.
Chiron: A Multi-Paradigm Logic (PDF)

Omyła Mieczysław
Remarks on Non-Fregean Logic (PDF)

Liang Xiquan, Ge Fuguo, Yan Li
Some Logical Aspects of Mathematical Reasoning (PDF)

Hales Thomas C.
Jordan´s Proof of the Jordan Curve Theorem (PDF)

Trybulec Zinaida, ¦więczkowska Halina
Some Remarks on The Language of Mathematical Texts (PDF)

Kerber Manfred, Pollet Martin
Informal and Formal Representations in Mathematics (PDF)

Kamareddine Fairouz, Maarek Manuel, Retel Krzysztof
Gradual Computerisation/Formalisation of Mathematical Texts into Mizar (PDF)

Wiedijk Freek
The QED Manifesto Revisited (PDF)

McCasland Roy, Bundy Alan, Autexier Serge
Automated Discovery of Inductive Theorems (PDF)

Harrison John
Formalizing Basic Complex Analysis (PDF)

Shidama Yasunari, Endou Noburu, Kawamoto Pauline N.
On the Formalization of Lebesgue Integrals (PDF)

Grabowski Adam, Korniłowicz Artur
Computer-Assisted Reasoning about Algebraic Topology (PDF)

Naumowicz Adam
Evaluating Prospective Built-in Elements of Computer Algebra in Mizar (PDF)

Nakamura Yatsuka
Proving the Correctness of Functional Programs using Mizar (PDF)

Wasaki Katsumi
A Verification for Redundant Signed Digit Adder Circuits (PDF)

Siekmann Joerg, Autexier Serge
Computer Supported Formal Work: Towards a Digital Mathematical Assistant (PDF)

Gow Jeremy, Cairns Paul
Closing the Gap Between Formal and Digital Libraries of Mathematics (PDF)

Bancerek Grzegorz, Kohlhase Michael
Towards a Mizar Mathematical Library in OMDoc Format (PDF)

Wenzel Makarius
Isabelle/Isar – a Generic Framework for Human-Readable Proof Documents (PDF)

Benzmueller Christoph E., Brown Chad E.
The Curious Inference of Boolos in Mizar and OMEGA (PDF)

Schwarzweller Christoph
Mizar Attributes: A Technique to Encode Mathematical Knowledge into Type Systems (PDF)

ISSN 0860-150X.
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